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What is Festival Circolo?

Good question. Festival Circolo is the biggest circus festival in the Netherlands. From 21 to 30 October, we present ten days of circus of the highest level. The heart of the festival is located in Tilburg’s Spoorpark. There you’ll find several circus tents, food trucks, playgrounds and an outdoor stage where daily free circus performances can be seen. There are also performances at other locations in the city.

Where is Festival Circolo?

The heart of Festival Circolo is located in Spoorpark Tilburg. The festival grounds are accessible free of charge for visitors. In addition we show programs at several locations in the city.

How do I visit Festival Circolo?

The Festival Circolo festival grounds in the Spoorpark are free to enter. To visit a performance you buy a separate ticket. In addition, there are pass-partouts or combination tickets available for visitors who want to visit several days.

What exactly is 'contemporary circus'?

Contemporary circus is difficult to capture in a single word. It is a love child of circus, theatre, dance, music, design, visual arts and everything that is fantasised about. That can be: circus and drag, circus and illusionism but also circus and kung fu. Anything is possible… well, almost anything. In the contemporary circus, there is no place for classical clowns between various separate acts. Because we know that trick already. We prefer to focus on the story, the characters and the form. And not to forget the life-threatening tricks, breathtaking stunts and incredible body movements. Because we won’t change a thing about that recipe for success.


Is there a free programme?

The festival grounds of Festival Circolo are accessible free of charge. There you can see the daily free performances on the Cirkelgewelf, a giant structure on which young talents perform various shows. In addition, there are free workshops in which you can participate.

Can I go to Festival Circolo with small children?

At Festival Circolo not every show is suitable for everyone, unlike classical circus. On the programme page you’ll find an age indication for each performance. Pay close attention to that. Most shows last one hour. For very young children this is often too long. We advise you not to bring children under the age of 4 to the performances at Festival Circolo.

When will the 2022 programme be announced?

We are working hard to put together another impressive programme for this year. Keep an eye on our social media channels and newsletter to be the first to know!

Barrier-free festival

No language barriers

At Festival Circolo there are no cultural or language barriers. All performances have the label ‘language no problem’. Circus is a universal language that is told with the body. Some performances have spoken text, but you don’t have to understand this in order to follow the story. In addition, the text is available on paper or is projected during the performance.

No barriers for the hearing impaired

Festival Circolo is also available for people with impaired hearing. There are a few performances with text, but because the visual action in the arena is the core of the circus, we do not use sign language interpreters. The text is available on paper or projected during the performance.

No physical barriers

Contemporary circus is for everyone. To fulfill this promise, we want to lower all imaginable barriers. Sometimes very literally. For example, Festival Circolo is easily accessible for people with physical disabilities. On the festival grounds, the disabled toilets can be accessed via a ramp and almost all performances are accessible with a wheelchair or an assistance dog. Let us know that you are coming? Then we’ll reserve a nice spot in the tent with a good view. Send an email to welkom@festivalcircolo.nl.