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ACaPA i.c.w. Lucie Pohlmann Petrusova

Bohema starts from the info point and ends with an amazing performance next to the Kiosk, at the zipper of the Spoorpark.

21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 October

On 21 October, the tryout is from 16:30 till 16:50. On all other playing days, performances are from 14:30 till 14:50 and 16:30 till 16:50.

Location: Spoorpark Buiten


Age: 4+

This performance departs from the Info & Tickets point. Be here before the performance begins.

All big things start small. Every book starts with a first letter. Every great romance starts with a you and a me.

In Bohema, ACaPA second-year students set a story in motion, with a look, emotion, a movement. Visitors are taken on an expedition across the Circolo grounds and become part of the adventure. The story has already been written, but how it plays out, we won’t know until we live through it.

What? Who? When? At what time? Check out the timetable and don’t miss a single performance!

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