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Prejavu: Alienated

Graceful wrestling with a very special dance partner.

26 October

Location: Spoorpark Fontys Arena

Regulier € 7,50

Jongere t/m 26 jaar € 5,00

Kind t/m 12 jaar € 5,00

Age: 8+


A man on the verge of collapse, tries to pry himself loose from a vicious circle with courage and strength. He plods and struggles with his shopping cart for a little comfort. DisCART is a performance in which breakdance and object manipulation merge into one.

Want to see more exciting crossovers between dance, circus and theatre? With the Prejavu combipass you can visit all three Prejavu performances on Wednesday afternoon 26 October (disCART- Alienated, Eclipse – Mojo Project and Chicago Baby- Youri & Marie).

The work leaves room for your own interpretation: is it a dance, a fight? An indictment of capitalism? A wrestling with materialism? Or an arduous dance?



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Wednesday 26 October

16:15 - 16:40

“Alienated elevates the mundane to art.”

What? Who? When? At what time? Check out the timetable and don’t miss a single performance!

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