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Wednesday 26 October

17:00 - 17:30


Chicago Baby

Prejavu: Youri & Marie

Threatening dance duet with powerful body language.

26 October

Location: Spoorpark Fontys Arena

Regulier € 7,50

Jongere t/m 26 jaar € 5,00

Kind t/m 12 jaar € 5,00

Age: 12+


Party, drifting, a refusal to see the other person’s refusal, a dramatic ending. Abuse means drama, regardless of the “degree” of the offence, even if it seems light and casual. Its indelible marks remain and the victim’s life is forever changed. In this duet, two dancers turn the theme of harassment inside out and tell a sweeping story using only their bodies.

Want to see more exciting crossovers between dance, circus and theatre? With the Prejavu combipass you can visit all three Prejavu performances on Wednesday afternoon 26 October (disCART- Alienated, Eclipse – Mojo Project and Chicago Baby- Youri & Marie).

Chicago Baby was created at Makershuis Tilburg where Youri Peters (NL) and Marie Khatib-Shahidi (FR) continue to develop themselves as dancers and choreographers. For this new piece, they also challenge themselves to innovate. Not creating what they are good at, but doing what they think the theme and the piece needs.


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Wednesday 26 October

17:00 - 17:30

“How to tell a story without words? Well, like this.”

Youri & Marie

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