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Wes Peden

A pioneering top juggler takes you on an acrobatic rollercoaster ride.



All ages / adventurous

Rollercoaster is a true rollercoaster. In this smashing solo show, juggler Wes Peden takes you into his neon-coloured world. Surrounded by enormous inflatable forms, armed with gigantic tubes and driven by pumping electro beats, he juggles like a true rock star and tries to find the balance between what feels safe and what feels dangerous. You will not see more difficult or unique juggling this year!

In this performance Wes Peden performs unique juggling tricks inspired by rollercoasters. When you think about it, it’s actually pretty logical: just like a rollercoaster, a juggler deals with gravity, momentum and complicated pathways.



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“You won’t see more difficult juggling this year.”

What? Who? When? At what time? Check out the timetable and don’t miss a single performance!

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