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Additional performances of EXIT and BALLETT announced

Good news for everyone who has not yet been able to get a ticket for EXIT and/or BALLETT! These runners-up will both be played extra during the second weekend of Festival Circolo.


BALLETT: robust runner

In BALLETT, by Zirkusspektakelakel FahrAwaY, seven performers build a fantastic spectacle with sledgehammers, forklifts, turnbuckles, humor and music. Just the kind of unusual show we like to see at Festival Circolo: spectacular, absurd and poetic with catchy, pulsating live music. The audience, glued to the action on stage, is taken to deserted country roads, industrial parks, and into the near future. The scene changes by the minute. You don’t want to miss this pleasant perpetuum mobile with industrial charm.

BALLETT plays extra on Saturday, Oct. 29, at 1 p.m. See the program page for more info.

EXIT: imposing runner

The performance EXIT, by Piet van Dycke and Circumstances is all about an imposing installation in the literal sense. Four individuals tread a collective path in this performance. They move through rotating walls and floating doors. they appear and disappear, meet and leave. In their quest for independence, they need each other more than ever. They keep each other in balance. EXIT is an exciting and impressive performance that flirts with risk.

EXIT plays extra on Sunday, Oct. 30, at 1 p.m. See the program page for more info.