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Festival Circolo shows the contemporary circus in all its glory. Yet we have noticed that the traditional image of circus is very persistent and people often do not realise that good circus artists do not need all that fuss to entertain. We find it important that children, or the adults of the future, have a correct picture of the circus of today.

We have designed a learning path and teacher’s guide especially for primary schools. The three-day course is aimed at pupils in grades 7 and 8 and has been developed so that they can experience, create and represent contemporary circus. From a short warm-up to loosen up the muscles and a knowledge quiz about circus to gymnastics tutorials and a big final show. Let them marvel at the skills of an accomplished circus artist without all the fuss that distracts from what really matters: the real circus feeling. Interested in the teaching package? Please contact us via info@festivalcircolo.nl.