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Art Installation Immerses People in the World of Water.

“Playful and incredibly cleverly conceived.”

Water is one of the most precious resources on our planet. The way we coexist with water is essential to ensure a bright future for both humanity and nature. The importance of water is evident not only in the spectacular production of “Yé!” (addressing issues like drought in Africa), which will be featured at Festival Circolo 2023 in Schouwburg and Concertzaal Tilburg. Artist Erik Vink has also been commissioned by Waterschap de Dommel to delve into the theme of ‘water.’ The result is PowerShower, an extraordinary installation featuring a labyrinth of hoses, connections, water pumps, and pressure vessels. Through physical effort and collaboration, people can set the system in motion and control the flow of water through the installation.

PowerShower simplifies the complex concept of circular water control into a playful exercise. Artist Erik Vink has gained national recognition for his Social Art projects and installations that serve to affirm the individual as part of a collective. PowerShower, too, is a spectacle examining the industry and all its participants, with the eye-opening message: by continuing to work together, the system yields an abundance of rewards.