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Famous Stravinsky play like you’ve never seen it before

L’Histoire du Soldat, Stravinsky’s well-known work, has been performed countless times. But the way the play is being played at Festival Circolo 2022 has never been seen before. Tilburg-based orchestra Kamerata Zuid is reshaping the classic piece in collaboration with performer Inez Wolters and circus artist Júlia Campistany.


L’Histoire du Soldat is about all of us

With themes of greed, temptation and the search for happiness, the story of L’Histoire du Soldat is relatable to many. In fact, it is actually about all of us. In this show, you will come face to face with the devil in many forms, but also meet princes and princesses. Do we always manage to resist life’s temptations?

Performer Inez Wolters wrote the stories of L’Histoire du Soldat with a modern twist, making you identify with them all the more. The physical counterforce is provided by circus artist Júlia Campistany, who specialises in mouth-balancing. Tilburg-based orchestra Kamerata Zuid drives the two performers through a musical landscape of dark valleys, high peaks and mysterious plains.

Eye-catching costumes

During the narration, Wolters will change roles in four different eye-catching costumes. They symbolise the contrasts between good and bad, day and night, light and dark. Feel free to feast your eyes, as these costumes are a work of art in themselves. Wolters made the costumes with great skill and attention. During the making process, she received advice from renowned Dutch designer Bart Hess, who, among other things, made a dress out of slime for Lady Gaga’s album Born This Way.

Travelling production

Stravinsky wrote the original play in 1918, specially for a touring company. All the more special is the fact that after its premiere at Festival Circolo, this contemporary version of L’Histoire du Soldat will go ‘en route’ and will be seen at several venues in the Netherlands in 2023 and 2024. Before they head out into the country, L’Histoire du Soldat can be seen at Festival Circolo on 26 and 27 October.