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Festival Circolo literally conquers the heart of Tilburg

You may have already noticed or seen it: since last weekend, all kinds of colourful circus tents have been popping out of the ground in Spoorpark Tilburg. And that’s no mean feat: the construction of Festival Circolo 2022 has begun! Our knowledgeable powerhouses are hard at work shaping the atmospheric festival grounds.


Something is coming, can you feel it yet?

Four large circus tents in different popping colours attract curious eyes to the city park in the heart of Tilburg. From 14 October, a team of powerhouses is hard at work with poles, tent pegs and wood chips to transform the Spoorpark into a true circus fest. This week, the finishing touches will be put in place and from Friday 21 October, we can welcome everyone with open arms to come and enjoy the coolest shows of the highest level.

Largest circus festival in the Netherlands

In a few days, the starting gun will sound for Circolo, the largest circus festival in the Netherlands. A diverse line-up of more than 30 surprising shows will ensure open mouths, giggles and the occasional shedding of tears from 21 to 30 October. The atmospheric festival site can be found in the Spoorpark, a stone’s throw from Tilburg railway station. Performances can also be seen at several satellite locations in the city centre, all within walking distance of each other. Among others, you will perch in the plush of De Nieuwe Vorst and Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg for spectacular circus in the theatre.

Contemporary circus

Festival Circolo stands for contemporary circus; a love-baby of circus, theatre, dance, music, design, visual arts and everything that comes with it. Dat kan circus en drag zijn, circus en illusionisme, maar ook circus en breakdance of opera. Anything goes! In contemporary circus, the focus is on story, characters and form. And not to forget the life-threatening tricks, breathtaking stunts and incredible body movements.

Contemporary circus is for everyone who wants to treat their senses to spectacle, excitement and beauty. Hearing and hearing-impaired, able-bodied and not able-bodied and visually-impaired or not, 4 or 104 years old: there is a place for everyone at our festival. Circus is a universal language that transcends all barriers and borders, making it accessible to all. Discover on our programme page which performance suits you best!