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EXIT by Piet van Dycke is a big hit at Oerol

Filip Tielens of the Belgian Standard named EXIT by Piet van Dycke the sensation of the weekend. “The piece cleverly builds to a breathtaking apotheosis (…) the performers hoist themselves into the air, slide off the wall, and the four of them seek a balance, which they eventually find.” Eric Nederkroon of Dagblad van het Noorden is also lyrical: “EXIT blows you away. It is a combination of dance and circus, with four loners who, after initial resistance, need each other to find balance in their lives. Bleating sheep and an audience cheering from relief. Breathtaking performance.” We are incredibly proud of Piet van Dycke and his artists Luuk, Will, Chris and Samuel and cannot wait to welcome EXIT to Circolo.