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We dream of a barrier-free festival. That is easier said than done. We would like to make Festival Circolo in 2022 as barrier-free as possible.

No language barriers

At Festival Circolo, there are no cultural or language barriers. All performances have the label ‘language no problem’. Circus is a universal language that is told with the body. Some performances have spoken text, but you do not have to be able to understand this in order to follow the story. Circus is found in all cultures, circus is for everyone.

Less hurdles with a tight budget

  • Everyone up to 26 years old receives a 50% discount on a ticket for a performance.
  • There is a daily offer of free performances.
  • It is possible to pay with the Meedoenregeling.
  • In cooperation with the Quiet Community and the Voedselbank, free tickets are distributed to people and families living in silent poverty.

No barriers for visually impaired people

Can you experience the circus feeling if you are visually impaired? Yes you can! If a blind interpreter from ‘Komt het Zien’ is present, you can really experience everything. Even if you see little or nothing.

How does it work?

A blind interpreter describes what is happening. The interpreter reports live, just like a sports journalist on the radio. The blind or visually impaired visitor is seated in the gallery and can hear the interpreter’s extra information via a wireless headset.

These performances are preceded by a special introduction with ‘meet & feel’. Here, the location, costumes and scenery are described, props can be seen and felt up close and the actors can be introduced.


“I can’t see a thing and yet I saw everything! ”

“The blind interpreter lent me his eyes for a while.”

“We used to go to the circus with the whole family, but this is the first time I have seen the circus.”

Do you know someone who is partially sighted or blind? Go out together! Order a ticket ‘with audio description’ so that we know you are coming.

Komt het Zien! is a foundation that makes theatre experiences possible for audiences with visual impairments: komthetzien.nl.

No barriers for the hard of hearing

Festival Circolo is also there for people with impaired hearing. There are a few performances with text, but this is often limited. Usually, the text is available on paper or is projected during the performance. If the text is an important part of the performance, we use a sign language interpreter and/or a written language interpreter.

No physical barriers

Contemporary circus is for everyone. To fulfil this promise, we like to lower all imaginable thresholds. Sometimes very literally. For example, Festival Circolo is easily accessible for people with physical disabilities. On the festival site, the disabled toilets can be accessed via a ramp and almost all performances are accessible with a wheelchair or assistance dog. Please let us know that you are coming. Then we will reserve a nice spot in the tent with a good view. Send an e-mail to welkom@festivalcircolo.nl