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Circolo Cinema

Diverse creators

Feast your eyes on what goes into making a circus performance.

21 to 30 October

Films will be shown from 4:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. each day. The film program lasts about 45 minutes.

Location: Spoorpark Harmonia


Age: 10+

This year, De Harmonia will be a mini cinema where fascinating short documentaries will be shown on productions by artists who will also be seen live at Circolo. Follow Piet van Dycke as he creates the performance Exit in the latest docu from filmmakers Sophie Tooten and Martin Kers. Fase by Marta and Kim is explained by video footage in a digital version of the Circolo Coffee Converstations.


The programme lasts 45 minutes and can be seen daily. The following documentaries will be screened:



EXIT is a documentary about the young, passionate choreographer Piet van Dycke (Tienen BE, 1996), four circus performers and a huge installation. The film follows Piet during the making process of his first major show called EXIT. With his imposing installation, he travels from one special residence to another to create, together with circus performers, a performance that never seems to stop. The documentary was made by filmmakers Sophie Tooten and Martin Kers.
The show EXIT can be seen on 28, 29 and 30 October.
Length: 17 minutes


FASE – Marta & Kim
During Circolo 2020, FASE by Marta & Kim was due to premiere. As the festival unfortunately had to be cancelled, the performance continued on a smaller scale at the Wagenmakerij. This performance was filmed and Marta & Kim talk about it in conversation with journalist Annette Embrechts of de Volkskrant at a Circolo Coffee Converstation. FASE can still be seen at Festival Circolo this year.
The show FASE can be seen on 28 and 29 October.
Length: 20 minutes


Zugzwang – Chronocircus/Galactik Ensemble
Just graduated, the Walloon Galactik Ensemble wanted to storm the stages with their bizarre performance ‘Optraken’. But then everything closed down. Not to be deterred, the company plunged into the video project ‘Zugzwang’: a hilarious and acrobatic walk through sliding walls, crashing ceilings and surprises from the wall. It shows that missteps, imbalance and chance can still produce something unexpected and constructive.
Length: 10 minutes

What? Who? When? At what time? Check out the timetable and don’t miss a single performance!

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