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Elena Zanzu

Intense research on pain, torture and manipulation.



Breathtaking / intimate

EZ is not just a circus performance. It is a research project and experiment. In this impressive and intense piece, Elena Zanzu pulls the audience out of their comfort zone. Because what do you do when the performer on stage is, with their full consent, tortured and manipulated? Do you run away? Worry for them? Or laugh at how absurd it is? At Festival Circolo, come and see how an artist pushes himself to the limit – and does the same to your mind.

For Elena Zanzu, circus is about a lot more than tricks. Besides their circus education, this young creator has a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Bologna. The goal of bringing these two worlds together was to gain knowledge and challenge ways of thinking. In their performances and experiments, Elena questions dualisms such as activity and passivity, domination and submission, man and woman, pain and pleasure, artist and audience. And in these investigations the artist does not shy away from extremes – at one time blindfolding themselves for 7 days straight, 24 hours a day, to investigate how a human being experiences a dramatic change to the senses.



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“An incredibly powerful performance on power.”

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