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Spoorpark new festival heart

A super large park in the middle of the city. Festival Circolo will move to the Spoorpark in Tilburg in October 2022. With the festival heart in the Spoorpark and various satellite locations in the city centre, Tilburg is one big circus party for ten days. With this move, Festival Circolo chooses a place in the middle of the city.

The Spoorpark is the largest civic initiative in the Benelux and has been embraced in Tilburg as the hotspot for recreation, sports and events. This dynamic spot a stone’s throw from Tilburg Station will be the new home of Festival Circolo. With the move to the Spoorpark, Festival Circolo chooses a position in the middle of city life. The Spoorpark is easily accessible, also by bus and train. In addition, the Spoorpark has a city campsite where artists and visitors can go with their caravans.

“The Spoorpark is a super dynamic and vibrant place. The energy of the (urban) athletes, tourists and city recreationists who visit the Spoorpark daily attracts us. The Spoorpark offers us more connection with organizations in the Spoorpark, the neighborhood, theater halls downtown and entrepreneurs in the city. We hope to introduce more people to contemporary circus at this venue. Because we absolutely disagree that circus is something of the past. We have been welcomed by the Spoorpark with open arms. We can’t wait to pitch our tents here in October and to welcome artists and audiences. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Says festival director Marc Eysink Smeets.