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Replacement performance for 13 Harbinger Road

Unfortunately, due to an injury, 13 Harbinger Road cannot take place. But do not worry. Hendrik van Maele has found a very nice alternative for us in the form of a double bill performance. Same place, same time (but slightly longer), same Hendrik with a different show. Hendrik van Maele plays ‘Ways of being ready’ and in addition he welcomes his friend Monki on stage with ‘60% Banana’. Two top performances for the price of one. We hope you’ll still be there!


Double bill

To replace the performance 13 Harbinger Road, we are offering a double bill: two top performances played right after each other, where you pay only one ticket. The start time, place and price remain the same. See the program page for more details.

Hendrik van Maele | Ways of being ready

Ways of being ready is a live encounter between two lifelong friends. One of them is trained as an acrobat, the other as a mime actor. One of them often comes too late, the other too early. Both are looking for ways to be ready for the inevitable. In their joint play, these two friends no longer strive for completion. They practiced and still practice the art of being ready, even though it is not a place where anyone ever arrives. In this physical encounter, they know how to pre-load the moment with their practiced bodies. This moment is wonderfully directionless and full of possibilities. Are you ready?

Monki | 60% Banana

In 60% Banana, Benjamin Monki Kuitenbrouwer gives you an optimistic view on humanity in a brand-new format: a circus conference. An energetic acrobatic lecture, in which he uses his skills to tell the audience about the hopeful developments in the world. Using coloured relastic bands, he forms metres-high graphs between several poles. With data on extreme poverty, war casualties and – among other things – population growth, Professor Monki swings, climbs and swings between his posts to make his point. He drags us along in his conviction that our view of mankind is in dire need of change.

See the program page for more info.