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Young people up to 26 years 50% discount

Circus is our greatest love. And we like to share that love with as many people as possible. Circolo has chosen to give adolescents, students and first-timers an extra welcome with a substantial discount. This year, young people up to 26 years of age will never pay more than €13 for a performance.

Why youth discount?

If the youth are the future, you have to take good care of them. Life in the city is expensive. Housing is unaffordable. Until 2021, it was only children under 12 who received discounts at Festival Circolo. Enthusiasm among young people for contemporary circus is there, but we understand that it is also a costly affair. But how much fun is it to go with your date or a group of friends to a never boring and always sensational show and afterwards plop down by the campfire with a drink between the circus tents?

What performances are cool for young people?

Every year, we are amazed at what circus artists can do with their bodies. Festival Circolo is extremely proud that we can welcome these artistic top athletes in Tilburg and watch them perform the craziest tricks in their bodies. Circus teaches us how outstanding the human body can be. These performances are of extra interest to the Young at heart:

Queer Night – House of Circus
Youth price: € 8.75 (including service charges and a drink)
What do you get when you cross drag and circus?House Of Circus! Circus troupe and ballroom house all in one. The stage is a catwalk. The trapeze a voguing platform. Exuberant dressing-up sessions are rife, and hip beats rise from the orchestra pit. Initiators. Dear audience, witness the wonderful world of circus in drag. Glamour and excitement guaranteed! Between 21.00 and 21.30, come in and have a drink and enjoy the ambience and a DJ. At 21.30 the extravaganza show starts and from 22.30 the party goes on until the late hours.

Rollercoaster – Wes Peden
Youth price: € 8.75 (including service charges)
The groundbreaking top juggler takes you on an acrobatic roller coaster ride. In this smashing solo show, juggler Wes Peden takes you into his neon-coloured world. Surrounded by enormous inflatable forms, armed with gigantic tubes and driven by pumping electro beats, he juggles like a true rock star and tries to find the balance between what feels safe and what feels dangerous. You will not see more difficult or unique juggling this year!

FIQ! – Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger (Marokko)
Youth price: € 13 (including service costs)
A wacky collection of fifteen young acrobats, dancers, footballers, freestylers, breakdancers and taekwondo specialists depict the fantasy world of top photographer Hassan Hajjaj. Propelled by uplifting beats, a wonderful contagious energy arises on stage. Expect dancing, acrobatic feats, motorbikes, dazzling sets, belly-slides, human pyramids and more finger-licking goodness. FIQ! Yes please!